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Introducing- BrakeBuTT

By BrakeBuTT Technologies, Perth Western Australia

Lewis and Jay Thomson


Auto Rear Brake Kit for Motorcycles (linked brakes)

BrakeBuTT (brake button) connects easily and is controlled directly from your front brake lever.

Completely front/rear bias adjustable, to suit every rider.

And yes, you can still use your front and rear brakes as normal!

Electronically assisted, requiring less pressure to the front brake lever

No hydraulics, no extra levers!



Optional and fully adjustable. 

We say ‘fast is easy but it’s the stopping that counts’ 





Based in fabulous Perth, Western Australia, we at BrakeBuTT Technologies are keen, dedicated riders well aware that using both front and rear brakes together is extremely important and essential when riding motorcycles.


Stopping distances



How do you use both brakes all of the time?

When riding off-road using the foot rear brake and hand front brake together is difficult and not always possible.

When slowing or stopping on-road using both brakes together can also be awkward and if not done right, may result in a fall.

Emergency braking especially if not done correctly, can be seriously dangerous.

Reality is that we don’t use both brakes most of the time.

The Answer is BrakeBuTT


 Patent filed braking system.


BrakeBuTT automatically and progressively applies the rear brake when the front brake is applied, eliminating any error in judgement and removing the need to constantly move the boot to the rear brake foot pedal, ultimately allowing the rider to maintain body position.




Off-road use, BrakeBuTT provides maximum front and rear brake traction.

Adjustable to lock the rear wheel or not. 


 project video thumbnail

  Keeping the bike levelled and stopping this Triumph Rocket 3 ( 500kgs with rider)




History of BrakeBuTT

With over 50 years combined riding experience, BrakeBuTT Technologies has designed an accessory that could improve riding ability and significantly increase braking performance.

We designed a system that is extremely efficient, compact and provides benefits to all riders and also easily fitted.

Over 3 years of research, development and testing, from Perth, Australia to Erzberg, Austria to Glen Helen CA, USA, we have covered a lot of ground and BrakeBuTT system is now in production.



Who and why?

BrakeBuTT is suitable for all riders from beginners to the most experienced.

Our system will assist and enhance every rider’s capabilities.

Experience the confidence of accurate, controlled front/rear braking.

BrakeBuTT levels and stabilizes the bike under braking and reduces the risk of front wheel wash-out and rear wheel slide-out.





Suitable for many bikes

Road, adventurer, enduro, MX, quad, scooter and minibikes.

Our system attaches in minutes and is completely non-hydraulic, leaving all standard brake controls intact and fully operational. 

No extra levers and absolutely no hydraulic fluid connection or bleeding!



How is this possible?

BrakeBuTT made this possible with our specially designed, developed and engineered PCU- Pressure Control Unit providing 45kg/ 99lbs torque @12v and produces in excess of 1000psi/ 69bar hydraulic pressure cable driven via the rear foot pedal and is only the size of a GoPro but only lighter @ 100g/ 0.22lbs. 

Making this possible together with our extremely powerful PCU is our custom pressure control sensor which empowers our system to operate flawlessly, also allowing front/rear braking bias to be fully adjustable.

Our quality durable components are designed and rigorously tested to handle all conditions in any riding environment. Rated IP67- Ingress Protection code, IEC standard 60529- water and dust-proof.

BrakeBuTT has the capacity to produce full brake in less than 1/2 a second, if required and is compatible with most brakes, with or without ABS.

Yes, we at BrakeBuTT made this possible with our range of test motorcycles having undergone hundreds of hours, bench and field testing both off-road and on-road, all the while providing total reliability, durability and performance.




How does it work?

  1. Simply turn the system on, then when using your front brake lever (fitted with our custom pressure sensor) will automatically and progressively apply the rear brake.
  2. Front/rear braking bias is adjustable and can be easily adjusted as you ride, turn the adjustable control to the right for more rear brake, or turn left for more front brake.
  3. With the system turned on, you can still use all brakes as normal.




BrakeBuTT  Breakdown

  • Our BrakeBuTT half lever model allows the more experienced rider the option to use the front brake only, if required. 
  • Our full lever model provides complete lever operation.   
  • Reducing front-end dipping, the BrakeBuTT auto rear brake levels and stabilizes the bike and provides maximum grip and traction under braking. 
  • The BrakeBuTT system allows the rider to focus on the road, track and terrain ahead all while maintaining body position without constantly moving the boot to the rear brake foot pedal. 
  • Off-road or on-road, BrakeBuTT provides combined braking performance and is fully adjustable and fine-tunable.
  • Our designed stand-alone system requires only bike battery connection, no ignition wiring required, in addition incorporates an auto-off feature when not in use.



We at BrakeBuTT Technologies have been extremely excited to be riding and developing this new system and now it is time for us to share with you, we strive to increase the enjoyment, the passion and the performance when we take to the track, the trail or the open road.


Available soon